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Swishmail Archiving

Smart companies save emails to protect against liability and exposure. Swishmail Archiving gives you a recovery plan with room to spare.

Swishmail Archiving is your complete, turnkey solution for fault-tolerant data storage, automated updates, back-ups, and content search tools.

Use Swishmail Archiving to...

  • Ensure e-mail compliance
  • Facilitate e-discovery
  • Monitor employees
  • Support business continuity
  • Document civil litigation
  • Document legal compliance and risk management
  • Protect your reputation

Save, time, money, and valuable IT resources, without adding expensive hardware and software implementation.

Swishmail hosted solutions enable your IT professionals to:

  • Free up resources to focus on more strategic initiatives
  • Improve internal system performance by offloading data to the Swishmail cloud
  • Reduce help desk calls by empowering users to locate lost emails
  • Easily search multiple end-user mailboxes simultaneously

What gets archived?

  • ALL incoming and outgoing emails of the email account you wish to be archived.
  • Emails can be searched through 1 central location for easy research.
  • Filter using keywords or email addresses.

In the last decade, email use has increased by more than 500%. Organizations that don't archive emails face growing risks. Swishmail Archiving saves more than just emails — it may just save your business.

Back up your emails — and your integrity — with Swishmail Archiving. Contact us today for a free evaluation of your company's email maintenance and management needs.