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As low as $54*/mo + $10 one time set up fee

You Get:
50 configurable email boxes
A total disk space of 10 GB
100 GB monthly in data transfer
Keep your data private & Ad-free

And There's More:
1 Page business card for your site
Email @yourdomain
Email Control Panel
Easy Web Mail Console (screen shots)
Use Thunderbird, Outlook, Apple Mail or your favorite email client
Anti-Virus Scan of all email
User configurable SPAM protection with whitelist/blacklist feature
Large Attachment Size Limits
Web based calendaring, memos, and tasks
User configurable shared web based addressbooks and calendars
Accessible and Knowledgeable Support

Need Anything Else?
Domain Name Registration? We'll handle it for $18.00 a year
Extra email boxes? Only $1.99 each per month
More disk space? Add more during Sign up
More data transfer? Add more during Sign up
Premium Spam Firewall? Add more during Sign up
Email Archiving? Add more during Sign up

*Receive a 10% discount when you sign up for 12 month billing cycle
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SPAM Protection

Current spam controls included with Swishmail's email hosting services:

  • Internal Swishmail spam lists: these are lists that have been generated by Swishmail over the years of service of known spammers, open relay servers, and IPs that have continuously sent spam to our clients.
  • White/Blacklist: within the Swishmail web mail system, each end user can customize their own whitelists and blacklists.
  • Report as Spam: also within the Swishmail web mail system, the end user can report to the server spam emails the user has received. Through the learning capability of the spam filtering program, the server will find keywords or certain patterns of reported spam and block any future unwanted emails for the user.
  • Spam Assassin: this program can be activated on a per user level within the email account control panel. It is extremely effective in blocking at least 95% of the current spam all Swishmail clients receive. Any spam that is caught is then placed in the spam folder of the user's account which is generated automatically when the account is initially set up. Services Included with email hosting.
  • Premium Spam Filtering: a domain wide service that can be added to your current spam filters for additional fee.

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