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Plans and Pricing

Swishmail Offers a Full Range of Plans & Services to Match Your Business Requirements

PLATINUM ENTERPRISE* Details As low as** Email Accounts Disk Space Traffic PSF
Sign Up Plan 1 $333.00/mo 700 20 GB 300 GB $0.20/box/mo
Sign Up Plan 2 $382.50/mo 850 20 GB 350 GB $0.20/box/mo
Sign Up Plan 3 $450.00/mo 1000 25 GB 500 GB $0.20/box/mo
*Requires $25 setup fee
**Includes a 10% discount when you sign up for 12 month billing cycle


With Swishmail's 20 years of experience, let us take care of your email so you can take care of your own business. Fully compatible with Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, and any other desktop email client. Use it on Windows or Mac, or your other devices.

Anti-spam Software

Swishmail's anti-spam software blocks 90%+ of spam trying to penetrate our user's inbox. Our spam blocking technology are constantly being updated to stay ahead to block spam and viruses for your company email boxes. Phishing emails are getting more and more sophisticated. That is why keeping the anti-spam technology up to date the more important to safeguard your data.

Our spam system determines spam content in a two stage process:

1. Spam threshold - if this threshold is met, we automatically block and you will never see this email.
2. Possible spam threshold - between the Spam threshold and legitimate email threshold, we separate and transfer these messages to your Spam folder for you to filter.

If your users need extra Anti-Spam protection, give our Premium Spam Filtering a try. 98% of Swishmail's clients who have tested our PSF service has stayed on with the filtering service. It filters anything you don't want in your email and delivers emails that you do want to see. It's highly effective technology works with you, adapting and constantly updating to ensure delivery of those important emails.


Swishmail uses several industry best practice techniques to block email spam coming from known spam sources. Whether it's a server name, IP address, or email address, we gather this information to block and report spam sources and work with Anti-Spam providers to improve their lists as well.

Any mail that qualifies as an legitimate email, we then process those emails based on techniques to identify which are potential spam from fully legitimate email. We work closely with anti-spam industry to coordinate and distribute new rules and techniques to block spam. The end result is an accurate, adaptive, and evolving content filtering system that is highly effective at removing spam.

Sync Up & Go

Never miss an email or business opportunity. Simply connect, sync and access your email from anywhere in the world.

Access Swishmail's webmail on any mobile device and sync your email, calendar, and contacts.

Choose your favorite web mail to sync your email on the go or use all three. SoGo can sync your email, calendar, and contacts. Each has a unique interface, pick any one that suits your needs.